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Meet Our Founder

Juavette Pulliam Johansen, the owner and founder of Bridgeway Financial Marketing Services, is passionate about helping people achieve financial success. She likes to encourage people from different fields to expand their horizons just as she did many times in her life.

Juavette grew up in the Bay Area and graduated from the University of California Berkeley (UCB) in 1988 with a bachelor of science degree in Conservation of Natural Resources. She worked at the same university as an accounting manager right after graduation.

Realizing a Dream

After a 16 year stint at UCB, Juavette decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her dream of establishing her own business.
Juavette entered the world of real estate in 2002 by becoming a licensed realtor.  Two years later Juavette opened up her own Real Estate company—Bridgeway  Realty.


Juavette’s life took a major turn when her husband, Michael (Also a Business Owner) was diagnosed with a terminal illness and given only 6 months to live.  Juavette’s husband Michael lived for 18 months before he lost his battle with cancer.  During that 18 month period, Juavette became Michael’s caregiver and neither she nor Michael was able to run their businesses. Juavette quickly realized that as a business owner she did not have the proper protection that she needed to cover her and the family’s financial needs.


As a result, Juavette made it her personal mission to educate families, and especially business owners and entrepreneurs on the importance of having Proper Protection as well as teaching them how to truly understand the basic financial concepts of How Money Works so that they can make informed decisions for themselves and their loved ones. In 2011 Juavette incorporated Financial Services into her business to ensure that her clients have a complete and strong Financial Foundation.


Financial Empowerment Projects

In 2017 Juavette founded Get on FIRE – Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship – A Financial Empowerment Workshop

In 2017 Juavette founded Project 1000 Mission – a campaign to educate and empower 1000 families in our community.

In 2018 Juavette served as Treasurer for the Association of  Real Estate Property Brokers

In 2019 Juavette Served as Financial Literacy Director for Women Council Association of Real Estate Property Brokers

In 2019 Juavette Launched – WIFI – Women In Finance Institute

In 2021 Juavette will launch GIFTED – Girls In Finance, Tech, Entrepreneurship and Dance

Contact Me

Let’s start a conversation on how we can help you and your family establish a strong Financial Foundation.  Contact Bridgeway Financial Marketing Services today. You can set up an appointment with us by phone, fax, and email. Send us your questions by filling out our inquiry form.