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Life Insurance Basics

At Bridgeway Financial Marketing Services, we want you to enhance your knowledge on money matters by observing the simplest steps.

4 Functions of Life Insurance

1: Protection (Death and Living Benefits)

Death Benefit – Many people have a misconception of what we mean by the Death benefit.  We do not mean what it will cost you to bury your loved one.  Instead, ask yourself how much money will your family need to have to replace your income.

Living Benefits – Living benefits is New to Insurance.  If your policy is more than 5 years old then you probably do not have Living Benefits.  Living Benefits can be used while You are Still Alive.  If you are diagnosed with a Critical, Chronic, or Terminal Illness then you are able to access a certain Percentage of Your Death Benefit TAX-FREE

2: Cash Value Accumulation

There are 4 Types of Life Insurance


1.  Term Insurance

            Pro – Inexpensive
            Con – No Cash Value
                         Will Expire (10, 20, 30 years)
   **** Some Terms can be converted to Permanent Insurance
2. Whole Life Insurance
            Pro – Permanent Insurance
                         Cash value
           Con – 3% Rate of Return (Does not outpace Inflation)
                         Very Rigid
3. Universal Life Insurance
              Flexible Universal
                   Pro – Permanent Insurance
                               Cash Value
                  Con – 4% Rate of Return (Barely outpacing Inflation)
4.Variable Universal
                   Pro – Permanent Insurance
                               Cash Value
               Con – In the Stock Market (Very Risky)
5.Index Universal Life
             Pro – Permanent Insurance
                        Cash Value
             Con – Capped
                          Limited Indexes

3: Income Tax Free

 Death Benefit and Living Benefits are all Tax-Free Money.  

4: Wealth Transfer

Life Insurance Money can be passed down to the Next Generation Tax Free to create Generational Wealth  

How To Determine How Much Coverage You Need

We use the DIME Method to determine how much Coverage someone needs.  Add up the total of the formula below and that is how much coverage you need in Life Insurance

D – Debt

I – Income (Annual Income X 10 Years)

M – Mortgage (What you owe on your mortgage)

E-Education ( we estimate 100,000 per child going to college)

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